What I Read Today;

2 Corinthians 6; Mark 10; Ezekiel 24; Proverbs 15-16; 2 Samuel 24

The young man stood before Jesus and asked the wrong question.  So, what did he ask? He asked Jesus, “What must I do?”

What was Jesus’ response?  Obey the commandments.  On its face, the young man should have known that this was going to be a problem.  In our hearts, we all know that we can’t keep the commandments. Jesus’ sermon on the mount explained to us our inability to reach the perfection that we so needed to gain access to God’s throne room.

But the young man didn’t get it.  His argument sounds like so many we see today: 

  • I’m basically a good person.
  • I haven’t killed anyone
  • The other guy is worse

But Jesus goes to the heart of the matter.  He asks the young man to give up the one thing he can’t give up.  Off goes another person who doesn’t understand what Jesus was trying to say. 

Of course, Jesus wasn’t saying that having money was a bad thing.  No, in fact, he told people in other places to use worldly wealth to help others. 

What Jesus was saying is that we cannot save ourselves.  The questions were wrong because the young man sought to justify himself. He didn’t seek out God’s mercy.  Instead, he was looking for validation that he had lived a worthy life. 

God’s mercy is not about our actions.  God expects that we will live a life of thanks, and in so doing, we will live a holy life.  However, that is not how we are saved. 

Instead, we are saved through the blood of Jesus.  Nothing less.

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