What I Read Today:

2 Corinthians 2; Mark 6; Ezekiel 20; Proverbs 7-8; 2 Samuel 20

Isn’t it amazing how people come running back to God when things fall apart?  I guess you could say that at least they know enough to go back to God.  Some people bounce in and out of the church when a crisis occurs in their lives.

The nation of Israel had done that for centuries.  God gives them a history lesson in Ezekiel 20.  You can almost hear God’s head shaking.  I wonder if God looks at us and rolls his eyes when we come running back to him during a crisis.  Does he feel like we do when our kids decide to climb a tree that we’ve repeatedly told them not to climb and then the limb they’re on breaks, and they fall to the ground and get hurt?

Despite his disappointment with us, God doesn’t turn his back on us.  When we genuinely turn back to him, God is waiting with open arms. 

In Ezekiel 20:33-44, God promises that those who are indeed returning to God will welcome back.  Those who are using God as a crutch, however, will find that he might not be as welcoming. 

God wants us to be his all the time.  He’s looking for us to follow him because we love him. God doesn’t need followers who come running to him every time they fall out of a tree.  He wants followers who seek him every day.  God is not interested in followers who use him when they are in trouble then return to the very lives they led before coming to him.  God will not be a worry stone that we rub in times of difficulty expecting God to drop what he’s doing and run to our rescue.

God is gracious and merciful.  Stay in love with God every day.  He’ll be there in times of pain and times of joy if we let him. 

5 thoughts on “June 3, 2020 – Running Back to God

  1. This why there are so much to learn from the Prodigal Son story in the Bible. It show the love, mercies, forgiveness of our heavenly father.

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  2. What a compassionate Father God we serve, always there when we fall to pick us up again. He never fails to amaze me, I don’t deserve Him but His love keeps flowing over me. Thankyou for these thoughts today, God bless you today.


  3. Your lovely post reminded me again of my favourite parable, that of the prodigal son. We are all prodigals and God is our Father, how blessed we are. Thank you and God bless you today.


  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm….. Thought provoking! I especially like the phase “using God as a crutch.” It makes me ask myself if I am a part-time child of God or fulltimer! Thank you for this post!!


  5. Hi Mike, thank you for the follow. The notice sent me to this post. A good reminder for the saints! I remember a song by Keith Green that most people, possibly his wife included, thought was too harsh. It has the stanza, “To obey is better than sacrifice, I want more than Sundays and Wednesday night; if you can’t come to me every day, then don’t bother coming at all.” I am not at all certain God has that attitude, as he IS love, but I have taken it as a personal exhortation. I know I need to come to him every day, or my days will wind up meaningless and purposeless. “Tis’ only one life, will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.” I would change that last sentence to “through Christ.”


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