What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 16; Mark 4; Ezekiel 18; Proverbs 3-4; 2 Samuel 18

David nearly lost the kingdom.  He was hiding in the wilderness.  He was hiding from his son Absalom. 

Yet he still cared for his son.  He worried about what would happen to him now that his men were moving on Absalom’s forces.  When he finds out that they’ve won the battle, David isn’t concerned about his soldiers or the state of the capital.  No, David is worried about his son. When David finds out his son is dead, it shakes him to his very core.

Our children are in danger. 

As a father, David failed to teach his son.  He indulged his children and paid a steep price for it. His son Amnon raped his daughter.  His son Absalom killed Amnon.  Now Amnon turned on David and nearly destroyed the entire kingdom.  David’s faults as a father are on full display.

Today, our society has failed.   We have decided that it’s more important to have that big house than it is to raise our children.    We have decided it’s more fun to go fishing alone on Sunday mornings than to raise our kids in the church.  Working overtime to pay for those toys in the garage has become our priority.  We’re paying for that today. 

Like David, many can only weep and ask the question, “how are the children.” 

But unlike David, we still have time.  We can reach out to our children and grandchildren!  We can tell them about the savior who loves them!  We can show them what the love of God is all about.  We still have time.

Don’t wait.  Do it today!  There is no greater pain than David’s.  The pain of mourning the loss of a child who didn’t know Christ. 

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