May 30, 2020

What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 14; Mark 2; Ezekiel 16; Proverbs 1; 2 Samuel 16

In 1 Corinthians, Paul is confronting a problem.  The congregation was suffering from what I like to call spiritual elitism.  Some members of the church had received the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues.  Now speaking in tongues is an incredible gift.  However, as Paul had previously stated, that was not the only spiritual gift that God bestowed on people. 

Making matters worse, these individuals had taken over the worship services.  When a newcomer would come into the worship services, things looked chaotic.  The people speaking in tongues may have understood what they were saying, but no one else did. 

Paul’s response was direct and straightforward.  Worship doesn’t do anyone any good if people can’t understand what you are saying. 

That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? 

How does that apply to us today?  Let’s think about it for a minute.  Maybe we need to examine our worship services and ask our self the question, “how would someone who doesn’t know Christ, learn about him from our worship service.”  Would that person be put off by things he wouldn’t understand?  Do some of our traditions not make sense to people outside the church?  Does out high church worship bore people?  Is our contemporary music too loud for some people?  Are we trying to force-feed a particular style of religion because that’s what we like when our community may need something else?

Worship has changed over the centuries.  Adapting our style of worship doesn’t mean we are changing our message. 

What it means is that we are attempting to reach a new generation with the message that Jesus Christ Loves them so much that he died for them.  We’re just using better graphics now.

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