What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 13; Mark 1; Ezekiel 15; Psalm 150; 2 Samuel 15

Over the past year, I think I’ve taken four different spiritual gifts inventories.  I find some of them quite funny.  The results of the first survey barely matched the most recent study.  The way you word, the survey can skew the answers. 

We put too much emphasis on what spiritual gift you have.  Many are seeking to be the great preachers of their day.  Others want to become the great theologians who can answer every doctrinal issue.

No one wants to be the janitor or the secretary. 

The spiritual gift should not be where we focus.  Too often, we revered the preacher and the theologian without realizing that more often than not, it’s the person who is walking his faith daily that leads more people to Christ.    

Raising our children with Love and showing them Christ by our actions will gain a follower for Christ.  Sending a card and making a visit to the elderly or sick will send a message louder than the loudest sermon. 

That’s what Paul is talking about when he says that Love is the greatest gift.  What he is saying is, without Love, it doesn’t matter how great the sermon is.  Without Love, our building can be massive and filled with people, but it will indeed be empty where it counts. 

Love is the glue that holds the church together.  First, and most importantly, we must Love God.  Everything we do has to start there. Then, we must Love our neighbor. 

Today we are in the midst of a struggle thanks to COVID-19.  One side wishes to re-open our country.  They have valid reasons for doing so.  The second group prefers to remain on lockdown until safety is achievable.  They worry that we could see another outbreak if we move too soon.

Rather than have these conversations in a loving, respectful manner, we’re pointing fingers and fighting.  It makes me worry about what is the real motivation. 

No matter what happens, we will need to remember God’s law of Love.  When we are in public, we may need to wear a mask to keep someone else healthy.  We may need to stay home if we don’t feel well to prevent someone else from becoming ill. 

You know what?  That should have been our motivation all along. 

2 thoughts on “May 29, 2020

  1. We can all learn from this post. Thank you. Philippians 2:3 came to my mind as I read your post, “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves.”


  2. I’ve been reading a devotional about Confirmation and the gifts of the Spirit. So true that we should lead by example in loving kindness and put others before self…


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