What I Read Today:

1 Corinthians 12; Matthew 28; Ezekiel 14; Psalm 149; 2 Samuel 14

On its surface, Ezekiel 14, sounds cruel. People are dying from war, plague, famine, and even crueler ways. Looking at it without discerning eyes, you would think that God was a monster.
The truth is quite different.

God will not force anyone to turn to him. God has given us all free will. We make our own choices as we walk through this life. We all have to live with our choices.

Some people will choose to worship God and to honor him. While our lives won’t be perfect, we’ll seek to live out our lives in Christ each day.

Others, however, will choose not to live for God. They will seek pleasure or fortune. They will ignore the gracious mercy that God has given each one of us. They will deny God’s presence in their lives.

One day, we will all stand before our creator. We will have no choice but to answer for the way we lived our lives. Or, more importantly, who did we turn our lives over to. Did we live for ourselves or God? At that moment, those who chose God will depart and enter life with Jesus. Those who didn’t will find themselves in Hell.

Where we spend eternity is entirely our choice.

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