What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 9; Matthew 25; Ezekiel 11; Psalm 146; 2 Samuel 11

Who doesn’t love a comeback story?  There are so many movies and books about comebacks if you started listing them now, I don’t think you’d finish by Christmas.  Not only does everybody love a comeback, but everybody likes to claim they are a comeback story.

Comebacks, give us hope, and they fill us with joy.

Unfortunately, not every story can end in a comeback.  How many times do you just know that no one’s coming back from some event that happened?  War, famine, divorce, suicide, and job loss can leave marks that never heal.  There are events in life that will leave such a mark that things will never be the same.

The Southern Kingdom of Israel has gone through just such an event.  The nation will never really return.  Carried off into captivity by an invading army, their world will never be the same.  Now, as they live in a strange nation, they hear that the Northern Kingdom of Judah is next.  All hope of rescue is being crushed.

It’s in the midst of this that God announces, “There will be a comeback!”

God renews his promise that the nation of Israel will produce the Messiah!  Oh, it’s going to happen.  No doubt about it.  Amid their suffering, God gives them hope.

However, God’s comebacks are not like our comebacks.  When God restores, he also improves.  Instead of books of legalese, Gode intends to have such an intimate relationship with his people that God’s will is going to be written on their very hearts.  This time, it’s going to be about a relationship, not a ritual.

As we move about in this crazy time, we can take comfort in the knowledge that God is now planning a comeback.  I am convinced that God is planning something big.  I don’t know what God is doing yet. But deep inside my soul, I can feel that God is moving through all this craziness.

My fellow believers in Christ, start watching and praying.  It’s time to get excited.  God is moving.

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