What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 4; Matthew 20; Ezekiel 6; Psalm 141; 2 Samuel 6

The nation of Israel had been through a lot.  War had cost them dearly.  Saul and Jonathan had been killed.  The Ark of the Covenant capture.  Hundreds of years of history had led up to this monumental failure.  The dream appeared to have been lost.  The nation had been completely humiliated and humbled.

Now things appear to be turning around.

What did David do?

David danced for joy, praising God!  David humbled himself before his God.  It didn’t matter that the king looked like a common man.  David wanted everyone to know that he gave God the glory for everything that was happening!

When Covid-19 ends, what will you do?  Will you run to a restaurant or will you go to a movie?  Will you return to the same job you had before, or will you find a new one?

Or will we pack our churches to the brim and sing like never before?  Will we fall to our knees before our God, as humbled Christians?  Maybe we should follow David’s lead and dance and praise our great and merciful God!

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