What I Read Today;

Romans 6; Matthew 6; Jeremiah 49; Psalm 127; 1 Samuel 23

Matthew 6 is filled with practical lessons for our lives.

The first 18 verses focus on our motivations.  Each topic supports the main point that if we are doing things for public adulation, God will not honor our efforts.

Verses 19-24 turn to the subject of money.  How do we use wealth?  Where does wealth fit into our lives?

However, Jesus then turns his focus to the subject of worry.

While COVID-19 is a present danger to all of us, I believe that worry is putting more of us in jeopardy than the Virus is.  Anxiety is causing many to panic.  Fear leads to irrational actions, such as hoarding.  When people lose their jobs, worry takes a more dramatic form.  People begin worrying about paying bills and feeding families. Even those who don’t lose their jobs suffer from anxiety.  They worry about their kid’s educations, getting health care, and food shortages.

Worry and anxiety lead to depression.  It should be apparent to everyone the effects of depression on our society without COVID-19.  Now with the Virus, depression is even more dangerous.

Yet Jesus tells us not to worry.

The funny thing about getting older is that you have a ton of experiences to rely on.  As time goes on, you realize that each moment is fleeting.  As we move from crisis to crisis in our lives, we gain an understanding that we will get through this.

Jesus tells us to focus on God’s kingdom and not our present circumstances.  Moments like today will be gone before we know it.  Soon we will be back to life.  Within 6 months, many will have already forgotten what happened.  Within 2 years, we will remember and laugh about what happened.  In 10 years, we likely won’t even talk about what happened.

God will lead us out of this situation.

The question that will remain when this is over is who do you put your faith and trust in for eternal salvation.  That question will survive every event we go through in our lives.

Instead of worrying about our present circumstances, we need to focus on God’s eternal mission!

2 thoughts on “May 6, 2020

  1. Way to go man! great job with practical application. I have been enjoying your Blog and am going to link to this post on mine. Thanks, and keep up the good work. Where are you that your up and posting at 2:00 AM CST?


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