What I Read Today;

Revelation 21-22; Jeremiah 43; Psalm 119; 1 Samuel 17

We all know the story of David and Goliath.  The little guy taking on the giant and winning.  Let’s take a few moments and look a little deeper into the story.

We face our own Goliath’s every day.  Those things in our world that tell us that God is not that important.  We face seemingly insurmountable giants that seek to turn us from God.  Maybe we’re facing financial difficulties. It could be that we are struggling with substance abuse or depression.  Perhaps, we’re struggling with our marriages or work life.  No matter what the challenge is, the giant is lurking around every corner to keep us from a full relationship with our God.

What keeps us from confronting those giants?  More often than not, it is fear.  We look at the giant and lose hope.  The problem seems insurmountable.  We turn and cower in the corner, rather than picking up our sword and moving forward.

David chose to move forward. He understood that God was bigger than the Goliaths we face in this world.  Yet, as soon as David started moving forward, he faced resistance from his own family.  When we are called by God, there will be those who put obstacles in our way. Our job is not to argue or fight with them, but to go around, under, or through them.  Our job is to answer God’s call.

The world will not go away quietly.  King Saul attempts to protect David with the things of this world.  It’s not uncommon for us to use the ways of the world to fix the church’s problems.  This is exactly what Saul was trying to do.  David knew that the only way he was going to defeat Goliath was to trust entirely in God.

Finally, David stood between Goliath and the army of Israel.  David stood with no armor and no sword staring at the giant.  Putting his faith in God, he used the only weapon he had and charged forward.

God has given us weapons to use in our fight against the world.  He has given us power in the resurrection of Jesus, and in turn, Jesus refreshes us with the gift of the Holy Spirit. God has blessed us with His Word that we can use to defend ourselves against the attacks of Satan and the world.

When the church takes up the armor of God and discards the weapons of the world, we can overcome any giants standing in the way!

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