What I Read Today;

Revelation 17-18; Jeremiah 41; Psalm 120; 1 Samuel 15

Have you ever had a time when you had to make a choice between following God or following the crowd?

When we are in these situations, peer pressure becomes overwhelming.

Saul is faced with just such a situation.  At that moment, Saul does what many of us do, he follows the crowd.  Saul fails to carry out the commands he’s been given.  This leads to his downfall as King.

Saul has now found out that when the mob leads, problems arise.

Today, our culture has discarded much of what God commands.  We’ve lost the concept that we are all accountable to God.  We’ve forgotten that while God is a loving God, he also wants our obedience.

When our world is heading in the wrong direction, God is looking for us to go in the other direction.  He’s asking us to stand for his principles.  For many, this is incredibly difficult.  We don’t like face to face confrontation.  We definitely don’t want to be ostracized for going against the grain.

The truth is that God knows each one of us.  God sees our weaknesses and failings.

But God still says that our job on this earth is to continue to preach Christ Crucified to a society that doesn’t want to hear it.  Will you be that messenger today?

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