What I Read Today;

Revelation 9-10; Acts 26; Jeremiah 37; Psalm 115; 1 Samuel 11

Paul is standing before King Agrippa and the Queen.  He’s allowed to defend himself against the Jews.

So what does Paul do?  Paul tells the King what Jesus has done for him.

We all struggle with how to tell others about Jesus.  Paul shows us a simple way to share our faith.

First, what was your life like before Jesus came into your life.  Who were you before you became a Christian?  Were you a person who lived the party lifestyle?  Did you deny Jesus’ power in your life?  Maybe you struggled with depression?

Second, how did Jesus introduce himself to you?  Was it through another person?  Did you feel drawn to seek him through the church?  How did the Holy Spirit get ahold of you?

Finally, how has Jesus saved not only you but the person you are sharing your testimony with.  Why is Jesus important to them.  Can you explain to someone that God stepped out of Heaven in the person of Jesus?  Lived a sinless life on their behalf.   Sacrificed himself on the cross as payment for our sins.  Rose again three days later and now holds out the hope of the resurrection for each one of us.

Who can you tell this story to today?

2 thoughts on “April 24, 2020

  1. This post is absolutely the truth. I considered the questions asked in this post and it’s right on the money. I’ve asked myself in what ways I could tell people about Jesus? This post helps with that. Thank you. I enjoyed it.


  2. Evangelization is accomplished in many ways – I think my first experience was in HS when a friend wanted to know why I was happy – a perfect opening to share my faith. I think a living example is often much more effective than shouting on a street corner…


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