What I Read Today;

Revelation 3-4; Acts 23; Jeremiah 34; Psalm 112; 1 Samuel 8

The nation of Israel had been ruled differently than other countries at the time.  Each tribe had elders who led their respective tribes.  The priest was to judge cases too difficult for the elders to handle.  The real ruler of the people was to be God.  God’s ideal was that people would follow his law and rule themselves.  The people were to become a priesthood that drew near to God. They weren’t supposed to need a king. God was supposed to be their only king.

Unfortunately, the people had come to rely on the judges as their rulers.  If the judge was corrupt, the system broke down.  The people had become reliant on the priests for spiritual leadership because they had failed to become spiritually mature themselves.

In Deuteronomy 17, God had warned that this day would come.  Samuel was upset that this was happening.  I wonder if he felt that he had failed to lead the people spiritually.  But the people were really rejecting God.

When we place our faith in the man or woman in the pulpit, we are failing to follow God.  Pastors are vitally important.  How many megachurches have we seen disintegrate when the founder of the church retires or dies?  Is that because we set the minister up as an idol?

God calls each one of us to a personnel relationship with Jesus.  Independent of the church or the church pastor.  It should not be about who is preaching.  It should be about who we are worshiping.

When we fail to allow God to rule in our hearts, then something else must govern our lives.

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