What I Read Today;

3 John & Jude; Acts 21; Jeremiah 32; Psalm 110; 1 Samuel 6

The short letter of Jude shows us that the issue of sexual immorality has been going on inside the church for centuries.  There will always be those who believe that the Gospel is a license to sin.  Some have called it cheap grace.

The question is, what do we do about this?

We take care of this problem by growing disciples of Christ.  We take action by praying for each other, by building up one another and by showing the love of God to all.  It doesn’t matter what people are doing, we focus on preaching the love of Jesus Christ.

Jude vs. 20-24 tells us to have mercy on those who are wavering.  The same mercy Christ had for the woman caught in adultery.  The same mercy he showed with the woman at the well.  The same mercy he showed to Peter who betrayed him.

Mercy is the antiseptic that Jesus uses to cleanse our very souls.  It’s the antiseptic he left for you and me to apply to heal hurting people.

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