What I Read Today;

James 4-5; Acts 13; Jeremiah 23-24; Psalm 102; Judges 15-16

Much has been made about how we avoid COVID-19.  Social Distancing is a new term that will likely remain embedded in our psyche for a long time to come.  Stay at home orders, or quarantines have jarred our very existence.  We’ve all heard that there is a new standard for washing our hands.  One of the best methods for preventing COVID-19 is to frequently wash our hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.  By washing our hands, we remove harmful bacteria that we might have picked up from surfaces, through thoroughly removing frequently washing our hands.

In James 4 vs. 7-10, James gives us directions for cleaning our souls.

First, he tells us to submit to God and put ourselves in spiritual quarantine against the devil by resisting the advances of the world we live in.  Avoiding places, things, and people who get in the way of our relationship with God is the first step in staying spiritually safe.

Second, he tells us to vaccinate ourselves from future attacks by drawing near and staying near to God. By drawing closer to God, we help to immunize ourselves against the Devils attacks.  We force Satan into a corner where he can not do us any more harm.

Third, we need to cleanse our hands and purify our hearts.  Just like washing our hands prevents COVID-19, we need to continually wash away the sin that continues to chase us.  We need to regularly be on the lookout for those things that get in between our God and us.

Finally, we need to humble ourselves.  COVID-19 hasn’t discriminated against in who it attacked.  Rich, weak, and famous have all been on the receiving end of this disease.  Sin doesn’t discriminate either.  The attacks we face come fast and furious throughout each day.

That’s why we must live each day, taking advantage of God’s anti-viral plan.  Avoid things that cause us to sin, draw near to God using the Word of God and prayer, continue to wash away the sin that stains our hearts and each day humbly submit our lives to God.


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