What I Read Today;

James 2-3; Acts 12; Jeremiah 21-22; Psalm 101; Judges 13-14

God uses the most unlikely people to do his work.  Throughout the book of Judges, he picks people from obscure tribes and clans to save his people.  We are introduced to a man named Manoah and his wife, in Judges 13.  All we are told about them is that Manoah’s wife has not been able to have children.  Beyond that, they appear to be a quiet, humble couple.

Yet, the Angel of the Lord, none other than Jesus himself, appears to this humble couple.  He doesn’t go to the tent of the meeting and meet with the high priest.  No, Jesus shows up where he’s least expected.

Too often, we look for Jesus in places where we expect him to be.  We think he’ll appear in church, or we pray that he is with the President.  But that is not Jesus’ style.  Jesus will appear in the place he can do the most good.  If we’re quiet and listen, we will see Jesus working in the lives of ordinary people.

Through this humble couple, God will raise up a judge who will save the nation.

How did Manoah and his wife respond?  They sought out God’s guidance, and they prayed.  Then, they praised God and offered a sacrifice.

What did Manoah and his wife not do?  They didn’t run to the nearest TV camera or reporter.  They didn’t start snapping selfies to post to various social media sights.  Instead, they humbly went about their lives, waiting for God to do his work.

That’s how ministry is done.  Quietly, following God, each and every day.  Humbly submitting our lives to the will of our God.

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