What I Read Today;

Hebrews 11; Acts 9; Jeremiah 15-16; Psalm 98; Judges 7-8

Hebrews 11 vs. 1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” NRSV

I’m sure that as we speak, many are struggling with their faith.  Most of us are isolated, some are alone, and all of us are struggling with fear and uncertainty.  Maintaining trust in God is a tricky proposition right now.

We don’t see our faith in the moments when life is easy.  Our true faith comes out when things are difficult.  In those moments of difficulty, we find where our trust lies.  In subsequent verses, the writer to the Hebrews will discuss the lives of Old Testament heroes.  Each one can be marked by their faith in God.  They were not perfect.  All of them had character flaws.  But each one had faith in the one who created them.  It was that faith that sustained them, even in the darkest hours.

What about you and me?  In this challenging time, who are we putting our faith and trust in?


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