What I Read Today;

Hebrews 10; Acts 8; Jeremiah 13-14; Psalm 97; Judges 5-6

In Hebrews 10, the writer says we should have confidence and courage to enter the sanctuary and worship our God.

Remember, in the old testament, the design of the Tent Of The Meeting, included two large curtains.  The first curtain separated the outside of the temple to the Holy Place.  This section of the sanctuary was off-limits to ordinary people.  Only the priests could enter the Holy Place, and even they had to follow strict protocols to enter. This curtain signified the separation of God from humanity.  The High Priest was allowed to enter the holy of holies, only once each year. Only on the day of atonement could he go through the curtain and offer a sacrifice for the sins of the nation.

In Matthew 27:51, Mark 15:38 and Luke 23:45, the curtain was torn in two by God himself.  Jesus opened the way for you and me to freely access the throne of grace.

The sad thing is that despite what Jesus has accomplished, human beings repaired the curtain and put it back up.

That’s what we do.

Jesus has offered us forgiveness of sins and peace with God.  However, rather than accept these gifts, we build our own curtains and separate ourselves from God.  We stitch new sections to our curtain when our guilty conscience throws our past in our face.  We add yards to our curtain when we freely follow our desires instead of God.  We replace the curtain with a wall when we refuse to worship.  The walls that separate us from our God are not of God’s design.  No the walls separating us from God are designed by our own hands.  We build them.

Despite this, God still works to tear down our walls.  He sends the holy spirit into our hearts to beckon us back to worship.  God changes our hearts and minds to reprioritize our lives so we can focus on God, not on pleasure or career.  He gives us the promise that Jesus’ blood was all-sufficient to cleanse our guilty consciences and provide us with peace.

God is still tearing down the curtain, separating us from our God.  Jesus still beckons us to come into the sanctuary of grace and mercy.

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