What I Read Today;

Hebrews 8; Acts 6; Jeremiah 9-10; Psalm 95; Judges 1-2

In Judges chapter 1, we find the nation of Israel moving into the promised land. They conquer territory and win battle after battle. Yet, they can’t find it in themselves to remove all the inhabitants of the area. They can’t entirely remove all the traces of the false gods that reside in the land. They just can’t do it.

How many people, when they first come to Christ, dive in headfirst. You will see them reading scripture and attending bible study. They will be present at every church event.

However, they can’t let go of something from their past life. Maybe it is secret at first. It could be a relationship. It might be alcohol or pornography. Something that they just can’t let go of. Sometimes, it’s their career.

Whatever it is that they hold onto, eventually, it overwhelms their faith, and they slip into the rolls of non-attending members.

God wasn’t cruel when he told the Israelites to drive out the inhabitants of Canaan. He knew that if they remained, the enticement of their false Gods would overwhelm the nation and cause them to fall.

It’s the same with us. If there is something in our life that is in the way of our relationship with Jesus Christ, then we need to remove it. Maybe it’s that boyfriend who’s never going to ask you to marry him. It could be that job. Perhaps it’s pornography or alcohol. Whatever, it is we need to sweep out the closet every now and then. We need to move away from the things and people who are working to separate us from the love of Jesus Christ.

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