What I Read This Morning;

Hebrews 2; John 21; Isaiah 63-64; Psalm 89; Joshua 7-8

I don’t usually think of Joshua as a great wealth of theological or spiritual insight.  However, Joshua 8 vs. 30-35 really jumped out at me.

The nation had just celebrated several victories.  Jericho and Ai were now in the hands of the Jewish people. God’s promise was coming to fruition.

We read that Joshua did two things after the defeat of Ai.

First, he had an altar built, and the nation joined together in worship of God.  They worshiped and praised God for all the victories and blessings that the people had received.

Second, he read the Book of the Law to God’s people.  We don’t read a lofty sermon or an incredible Psalm.  Instead, Joshua simply reads the scriptures to the people.

Sometimes I think we overthink things.  We like to have flashy presentations and videos to grab people’s attention.  We focus more on the style than the substance of what we are saying.

Joshua was not a great preacher.  He was a soldier and a leader.  Yet, when it came to leading the people in the things of God, he focused on the public reading of the scriptures.

We should return to the days when the scriptures were front and center of our worship.  Forget the flash and style.  Focus on the teaching of the word of God.

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