What I Read This Morning

Philemon; John 19; Isaiah 59-60; Psalm 87; Joshua 3-4

We use large stones for various purposes.  Some are cut and used as building blocks, specially cut stones are used as cornerstones.  We cut stone into headstones at gravesites to memorialize a person who has passed away.  Some areas still use stones to mark property lines.

In ancient times stones could also be used to worship a deity.  The Old Testament Law expressly forbids this practice.

However, the patriarchs up through Joshua used stones for a memorial purpose.  In Joshua 4, stones are removed from the Jordan river and placed on the shore.  This was done to memorialize all that God had done for the people if Israel.  From the moment of the Exodus through the crossing of the Jordan, God had guided his people.

The stones were placed on the shore to memorialize all that God had done.  This was to serve as a reminder to future generations of all that God had done for the nation.

What do you do to memorialize significant spiritual events in your life?  Do you have any “stones” that you look at?

I have a few “stones” that I keep.  My confirmation Bible, and A Bible my wife gave me.  My grandmother’s family Bible sits on my dresser.  A cross that my daughter Megan gave me. These are reminders of blessings I’ve received from God throughout my life.

We should all find ways to remind ourselves of the goodness and mercy of our God.

One thought on “March 27, 2020

  1. I have a couple touchstones too. A cross that was made in a high school shop class, the crewel embroidery welcome picture in the hall, and the baby quilt my father made for my first son… all remind me of the things in my life that I’m grateful for!


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