nchraWhat I Read Today;

2 Timothy 4; John 15; Isaiah 51-52; Psalm 83; Deuteronomy 29-30

Abide in Jesus.  What does that mean?

My wife likes to plant vines. She loves to watch them grow and flower.  Vines are interesting.  She had trouble growing them in the arid climate and ground of our home in Colorado.  When we moved to Southern Illinois, with the moist environment and soil, she was able to grow them again.  She planted a few seeds underneath our mailbox.

Slowly, the vines began to creep up around the base of the mailbox.  As July approached,  the branches had utterly engulfed the mailbox.  I had to continually cut around the mailbox to make sure the mailman could open the mailbox.  If I didn’t cut it back, you wouldn’t even know there was a mailbox there.

Jesus wants us to allow his grace and mercy to engulf every aspect of our lives.  Jesus wants to grow so much in our lives that we are consumed by him.  When people see us, Jesus wants them to see him.  The vines of our Jesus love should so engulf us that all people see is Jesus.

When people look at us, what do they see?

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