What I Read Today:

2 Thessalonians 1; John 3; Isaiah 38; Psalm 71; Deuteronomy 5-6

John the Baptist is one of the most fascinating characters in the entire Bible.  We get the image of this wild man living out in the desert.  John’s standing by a river yelling “repent” and baptizing people.

John the Baptist was loud and backed down from no one when it came to proclaiming the Gospel.  Those traits eventually got him killed.

Yet, John also understood his role in the scriptures better than anyone ever did.  John knew that his job was to point people to Jesus.  That was it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  His cries for repentance were designed to lead people to the cross.  Everything John did was aimed at achieving that goal.  John spent his life working to achieve that mission.

People who are witnessing for Christ have to keep in mind that it is never about themselves.  It is always about pointing people to Jesus.  People worry about making a mistake when they tell people about the church or about Jesus.  People worry about how they’ll look.  If that’s how you feel, then you are focussing on yourself, not on Jesus.  If we focus our evangelism on telling people about Jesus, not telling people about ourselves, then the Spirit of God will use our efforts to point people to the Cross of Christ.


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