What I Read Today;

1 Thessalonians 3; Luke 24; Isaiah 35; Psalm 68; Numbers 35-36

How many times during our day do we miss seeing Jesus. He’s standing in front of us, and someone we miss him.

Walking down the road, two of Jesus disciples are struggling with the events the past several days. They don’t understand what has happened. They thought that Jesus was going to restore Israel and kick out the hated Romans. Instead they watched him be crucified. None of what is happening makes an ounce of sense.

Out of nowhere a man is walking with them. He’s giving them the answers to their questions yet they don’t recognize that it is Jesus himself. He’s standing directly in front of them. Yet they don’t recognize him.

How many times during our day, do we miss the presence of God? We are in such a hurry, that we don’t recognize the one who is waiting directly in front of us. The joy of nature, the random acts of kindness, or the whisper in our ear. We miss the opportunity to commune with God, simply because we aren’t paying attention.

Just like the disciples walking down the road to Emmaus, Jesus will find a way to get through to us. He’ll find a moment where he will tell each one of us that he is there.

But before it gets to that, take a moment today and stop and look around you. I’ll bet he’s there.

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