What I Read Today;

1 Thessalonians 2; Luke 23; Isaiah 34; Psalm 67; Numbers 33-34

Paul never sought the approval of other people.  More often than not, Paul would be met with disapproval from people.  The Jewish leaders were continually looking for ways to discredit him.  The pagan’s who made money off of the Romans or local gods didn’t think highly of Paul.  If Paul was seeking fame and fortune, he picked the wrong career.

Paul was seeking the approval of God.  That gave Paul a single-mindedness that allowed him to ignore his critics.  It gave him the ability to see what God put before him and gave him the ability to ignore the rest.

Paul was seeking those who would receive the Gospel.  After that, he focused on teaching them how to live a Christ-Centered life.

That was Paul’s sole mission in life.

What is our mission in life as the church today?  Are we worried about what color the drapes and the carpet are, or are we focused on delivering the message of God’s grace for lost sinners?

Are we single-minded in our desire to preach Christ Crucified, or do we water things down to be famous?

Our focus should always be on delivering the Gospel message that Christ left with us.


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