What I Read Today;

1 Thessalonians 1; Luke 22; Isaiah 33; Psalm66; Numbers 31-32

How much grace does God have?  How far will God’s love and mercy extend?

Luke 22 begins Jesus’ passion.  Jesus begins walking the road that will lead to the sacrifice that will provide forgiveness of sins for all humanity.

But how far does that go?

Jesus shows us in Luke 22:31-34.  Jesus tells Peter that in the coming hours, Peter will deny Jesus three times.  However, in the very next sentence, Jesus tells Peter that he is to be the leader of the new Christian church.

How much grace does Jesus bring?

He brings so much grace that he’s appointing Peter to leadership even though Jesus knows Peter is about to deny he knows who Jesus is.  Jesus knows every sin Peter will commit. He knows every personality flaw. He knows every dark secret Peter has tucked away in his heart.

Yet Jesus still offers Peter grace.  That kind of grace is unbelievable!

Jesus offers you and me the same grace today.  He pours out his love for all of humanity each and every day.  He stands with his arms wide open and shouts to all of humanity, “come to me!”  It doesn’t matter what you’ve done.  You can’t outrun the grace of God.

That’s how much Grace Jesus brings!

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