What I Read Today;

Colossians 4; Luke 21; Isaiah 32; Psalm 65; Numbers 29-30

I watched the movie Dr. Sleep the other night.  The idea behind the story is that a group of people would find people who had supernatural abilities, and they would take those abilities as they killed them.

During one scene in the movie, the villain entered into the mind of a young girl who was the hero.  The young girl’s memory was depicted as a large room of filing cabinets.  The hero trapped the villain and entered into her mind.  The villains’ memory was represented as a library filled with filing cabinets.

We tend to live our lives, compartmentalizing who we are.  We have a file folder in our head for work.  We pull out another one when we are at church.  We grab the third one for friends.  We have a completely different one for our families.

We’ve done this with God as well.  Our society wants God to remain inside the walls of his church.  The world wants us to keep our religion to ourselves and not share it with anyone else.  Even within the church, we’ve fallen prey to the trap that faith is “personal” and not to be shared with others.

In Luke 21, Jesus tells of a time when it will be dangerous to share the story of Jesus with anyone.  A time when our own families will turn away from us.  A time when humanity will reject God and turn away.  A time when the world will seek to suppress what God has done.

Yet, Jess makes it clear in the words of Luke 21:33 that no matter what the world does or says, his words will never pass away.

Governments will come and go, church bodies will sway and change, but God’s Word will stand forever.  Jesus’ teachings will go on until he returns.  The Holy Spirit will continue moving through time, leading believers to Jesus no matter what humanity does.

God will never let his church fail.  He will always be there, offering grace and forgiveness to lost sinners like you and me.

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