What I Read Today;

Colossians 3; Luke 20; Isaiah 31; Psalm 64; Numbers 27-28

Colossians is one of those books of the Bible that I could sit and read night after night.  The book is rich in the imagery of who Jesus is and what the Christian life is all about.

In 1981 northern Illinois suffered through one of the coldest winters in history.  I just happened to be a high school junior who worked at a gas station.  This was back when full-service islands were still around.

I spent an entire day outside, in sub-zero weather, as car after car, pulled up to have their gas pumped for them.   It was so cold that frostbite was a severe concern.

To prevent frostbite, you had to wear layers of clothing.  I had three pairs of socks on, insulated boots, long underwear and sweat pants under my jeans, a flannel shirt, a hoodie, an insulated flannel shirt, a winter coat, and a final layer, insulated coveralls.  On my face, I had a heavy ski mask with a large center hole that covered my mouth and nose and a hat over my head.  On my hands, a pair of jersey gloves covered by waterproof insulated gloves.

In short, I looked like an Eskimo.  But I stayed warm all day.

In Colossians 3:12-17, Paul is telling us that we need to protect our souls from Spiritual Frostbite.  This condition occurs when we allow the world around us to freeze out the love of God in our lives.

First, Paul is telling us to clothe ourselves in layers of God’s love.  Paul is telling us to wrap ourselves in a protective layer of the love of Jesus Christ.  Holding on to the knowledge of Jesus’ forgiveness and grace.

Then we need to wrap ourselves in a second layer with the word of God.  Immerse our hearts and minds in the Word to help our souls stay warm in a world that is continuously trying to quench the love of God.

Next, we need to wrap ourselves in the third layer of God’s grace through prayer.  Spending time on our knees, laying our souls out to God, and listening to him for his guidance.

Finally, using the means of grace as a fourth protective layer from the world.  Spend time in worship, taking communion, fellowshipping with other believers, and seeking the uplifting strength that comes from our time together as a church.

This world will do everything it can to make our souls so cold we develop spiritual frostbite.  But by covering our souls in the protective layers that God has given us, we can prevent this dreaded disease!

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