What I Read Today;

Colossians 1; Luke 18; Isaiah 29; Psalm 62; Numbers 21-24

Our world doesn’t really understand who Jesus is.  Most think he’s a wonderful teacher or a philosopher.  Because of the lack of knowledge about who Jesus is, many people miss the point of Christianity.

In Colossians 1:15-23, Paul lays out the case for who Jesus was.

  • Verses 15-17
    • Jesus is the firstborn of all creation
    • Jesus is the creator of the universe
    • Jesus holds the world together
  • Verse 18
    • Jesus is the head of the church
    • The first of the resurrected
    • God appointed to rule over all things
  • Verse 19
    • The fullness of God
  • Verse 20
    • The reconciler of all things to God
    • Through his blood on the cross the savior of all
  • Verse 21-22
    • The one who changes hearts and minds
    • The reconciler of humanity with God
    • The ultimate peacemaker
  • Verse 23
    • Our hope

This small section of scripture packs everything we need to understand who Jesus was and what he did for us.

What an incredible God we serve!

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