What I Read Today;

Philippians 4; Luke 17; Isaiah 28; Psalm 61; Numbers 19-20

Farmers are the hardest working men and women on the planet.  They wake early in the morning and work into the night.  They plow their fields, cultivate, fertilize, and plant. They watch over their crops as they grow, always on the lookout for weeds and animals looking for a free meal.  They are outside on rainy days and then have to endure the heat and humidity of the summer.

They are continually cultivating their soil.

Isaiah 28 vs. 23-29 follows a section of scripture where Isaiah condemns the religious and government leaders of the nation of Israel.  They have failed to cultivate their personnel relationship with God.  They have allowed weeds to grow up inside of their hearts and get in the way of hearing the message of grace and mercy.

Making matters worse, since they failed to cultivate their own relationship with God, the priests then were unable to develop the relationships that their parishioners had with God.  They failed to provide the seed and then water that seed.

But when we fail, God succeeds.

No matter how inept the leaders of Israel were, God continued to plant seeds in the hearts of faithful human beings.  He continued to work in the lives of believers around the nation.

God is the master farmer.  He continues each and every day to plant seeds in our hearts.  Our job is to make sure that we are good soil where God’s word can grow in our hearts!

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