What I Read Today;

Ephesians 5; Luke 12; Isaiah 23; Psalm 56; Numbers 9-10

Jesus talks to us about sharing our faith in Luke 12: 4-12, and he’s not complimentary.

I think most people have a natural fear of talking about Jesus with others.  It’s not that we are ashamed of Jesus.  It’s more that we are afraid of the reaction we will get from those we are talking to.

In the United States, we’ve been brought up to believe that we should treat religion as a private matter. It’s none of our business what another person’s personnel beliefs are.  You should keep your faith, like your politics, to yourself.

Because we no longer talk about our faith, with those around us, fewer and fewer people are coming to faith.  Church attendance has been declining.  Children are leaving the church.  As the generation that is older than 65 declines, the younger generation seems to feel the church is less and less relevant in their daily lives.

So what do we do?

We talk openly about our faith and what it means to us personally.  We tell people why Jesus is important to us.

I understand how simplistic that sounds.

How about we try this challenge.  This week, while we’re doing our day to day jobs, how about we each pray for that the Holy Spirit gives us an opening to tell one person about why we go to church.

Think ahead of time about what you might say to someone who’s not going to church. It might be as simple as saying, “I go to church because I know that Jesus loves me.”

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