What I Read Today;

Ephesians 3; Luke 10; Isaiah 21; Psalm 54; Numbers 5-6

In today’s reading in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells us that God has hidden the knowledge of the kingdom of God from the wise and the intelligent.  I wonder why that is?

In the year 2020, we have come to the belief that education is the answer to everything.  Our kids have been fooled into the delusion that they need to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to be successful in life.

Even though we’ve attained all this “knowledge,” we are still empty inside.  Our souls are missing something.  Our kids spend all this money on education, only to not find the job they want.  They seek pleasure in the “college experience,”  only to find that once the party is over, life isn’t the party they thought it would be.  Most will get married and have families.  Unfortunately, even that doesn’t bring the joy they hoped it would.

We rely so much on our education that we don’t see that something is missing in our lives.  Education has become our crutch.  When life kicks that crutch away from us, we end up crashing to the ground.

Truth is, it’s not that a highly educated person can’t find God.  I think what Jesus is saying is that when a person puts his faith and trust in anything but God, eventually that person will stumble and fall.

For God to reveal himself in our lives, we have come to a place where we understand that we need God in our lives.  Education, possessions, careers, and family are not bad things.  However, if we rely on anything other than God, we will eventually crumble.

The message Jesus is sending us in Luke 10:21-22, is that our job in life is to seek out God.  If we seek God out, he will open our hearts and minds to his love and mercy.  If we humble ourselves and admit our need for God in our lives, he will honor that prayer.

The thing is, that’s precisely what God wants from each of us!

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