What I Read Today;

Ephesians 2; Luke 9; Isaiah 20; Psalm 53; Numbers 3-4

Does it grieve you when you think about how many people have turned away from God?  Does it cause you pain when you think about those you love who won’t go to church and who don’t want to hear about the love of Jesus?

Could it be that this is precisely what the Psalmist is saying to us in Psalm 53 verse 1?

When people choose to go their own way, do you think that God grieves?  Is it possible that the God of love who knows each one of us by name feels pain over the loss of one of his children?

God knows what will happen to those who reject him.  Perhaps God is like a parent who is watching the destructive behavior of one of his children.  He can see the trainwreck coming,  but the child is not going to stop. It doesn’t matter what God says or does, that child is going to go his own way.

I wonder if, like a parent at the hospital bed of one of their children, God will be weeping over the loss of those who rejected him.  I have a feeling that God’s heart will be breaking, even as he welcomes those who have followed him to eternal rest.

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