What I Read Today;

Ephesians 1; Luke 8; Isaiah 19; Psalm 52; Numbers 2-3

Pauls’s greetings to the Ephesians are full of examples of the blessings that have been given to each one of us.

For example:

  • Verse 3 – Paul clearly tells us that we have already received Heaven’s blessing through Jesus Christ.  Not that we will receive them, but that we have received them.
  • Verses 4-6- God knew who we were before time began.  The creator of the universe knows your name.  God understands who we are, warts and all.
  • Verse 7 – Even though God knew all our faults, he still saved us!  God’s love for us is so great that Jesus took our punishment on himself in his infinite mercy and grace.
  • Verses 8-9 –  God lavished on us grace, wisdom, and mercy.  Not wisdom as the world sees wisdom.  No, the Holy Spirit has given us the knowledge to recognize that Jesus Christ is Lord!
  • Verse 10 – God did all this to prepare us for our time in Heaven.  A time when there will be the constant presence of God himself.
  • Verses 11-14 – Through Christ, we not only will receive blessings, but we already have received blessings.  We benefit from the grace of a clean conscience and a relationship with the creator of the universe.  The beauty of knowing that Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sins now and forever.  We can now live our lives for Christ!

Our journey through the book of Ephesians will give us strength for the journey, and remind each one of us of the love that Jesus Christ has lavished on each of us.

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