What I Read Today;

Galatians 6; Luke 7; Isaiah 18; Psalm 51; Leviticus 27 & Numbers 1

The Catholic Church practices Confession.  They consider it one of their sacraments.  Nothing spoken inside the confessional is to be spoken of by the priest outside of the confessional.  Priests have gone to jail to preserve the sanctity of the confessional.

I am not a Roman Catholic.  However, I wish that the rest of Christendom would practice the idea of the confessional.  In particular, the idea that an individual’s reputation should be protected by keeping things private that need to remain private.

When I read the first 10 verses in Galatians 6, I hear Paul telling us that our interactions with each other must be done in Christian Love.   Our mission, when talking about sin, is not to point out each other’s failings and then broadcast it all over Twitter.

In my word study bible, I looked up the word, restore.  One of the definitions used is, “To refit, repair, mend that which is broken.”  The description goes on to say, “Spoken figuratively of a person in error, to restore, set right.”

I understand that the Old Testament Prophets would stand on the street corners and shout at the nation.  I also know that they would call out segments of society.  I understand the church today has a role to play in performing that task today.

But, in the one on one situations, God calls us to treat sinners with compassion and mercy.  I’ve heard the phrase, “speaking the truth in love,” used many times.  I usually wince when I hear it.  People think that if you use that phrase, it gives you a license to attack.

Think back to your childhood.  Did you ever have a stuffed animal that ripped?  As a small boy, I had a stuffed bear that was given to me by my parents.  I loved that bear.  At night in the dark, I would hold onto it when the shadows would scare me.  Every time a rip would occur, my mother would carefully restitch the seam.  She would hand it back to me as good as new.  I can’t tell you how many repair jobs that bear went through.

When we are dealing with people, our mission should be to repair the broken seams.  To heal the wounds caused by sin in our world.  To restore them with the power of the Gospel.  Just like my mother would repair her child’s stuffed animal.  Our mission is to restore the broken people’s relationship with God.

God didn’t send us on a mission to point out people’s sin or broadcast people’s failures.  He sent us on a mission to heal!

There is a community out there that needs the healing love of God.  It’s our job to provide the repair work necessary to restore them and heal them.

Do you have your needle and thread with you?

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