What I Read Today;

Galatians 3; Luke 4; Isaiah 15; Psalm 48; Leviticus 21-22

I am struck by three key points in Psalm 48.

First, what an incredible God we serve.  Verses 1-3 describe the greatness of our God.  Consider the grandeur of nature and the beauty of all that is in it.  Stop and consider the incredible power of our God as you walk through your day!

Second, have you ever sat and just pondered the incredible love our God shows us?  Verses 9-11 give us a glimpse of what the astonishing love of God looks like.  Stop and think about the love that God has shown you in your life!

Finally, verses 12-14 tell the story of what God has promised us.  He has given us a glimpse into our heavenly home.  When things get rough today, focus on the fact that our world is temporary.  That soon enough, we will be with God in that place where there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more disease, and no more struggle.  Today focus on the promises of our faithful God!


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