What I Read Today;

Galatians 1; Luke 2; Isaiah 13; Psalm 46; Leviticus 17-18

God is about to spend a lot of time talking about sex.  It’s funny, A lot of people will become uncomfortable reading God’s word.  Yet those same people have no problem watching scenes on television that would have been rated X 40 or 50 years ago.

God spent a lot of time talking about sex because he could see the devastation that our sexual immorality would cause.  He could see how far some of us would fall.  Families are devastated when one spouse cheats on another.  Children will be scarred for life.

We don’t need to review the statistics to see the damage our sexual ethic has caused.  Spend five minutes on the internet, and you can see how far we’ve fallen.

Our immortality has caused our society, problems that will take generations to sort out.  That is why God gave Moses the words of Leviticus 18.  It was a warning.  A warning that has been declared old fashioned and out of place.

If God’s warning is out of place, then explain to me how it is that we are now seeing sexual assaults on the rise?  Why are we as divorce rates rise we see the deterioration of children’s behavior in our classrooms?

God created us as sexual beings.  But that was to be confined in the context of a marriage.  We decided we were smarter than God.  Look where that’s gotten us.

We need to return to the idea that it is wrong to cheat on our spouses.  We need to regain some personnel responsibility when conducting our personnel lives.  We need to make clear that it is never acceptable to force someone to have sex for us when we hold positions of power.  We need to find a way to get the message to young men that you are responsible for the children you create and that it is never OK to abandon that child.  We need to come back to God’s word to have an honest discussion about what is right and what is wrong.

Our children depend on us!

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