What I Read Today;

Leviticus 7-8; Psalm 41; Isaiah 8; Mark 13; 2 Corinthians 9

I am a diabetic.  I wear an insulin pump.  This morning I was filling a new cannula, a tube that holds my insulin supply and putting in a new insertion site.  For insulin to work, it has to be inserted into my body.  This morning I didn’t get the connection quite right.  Insulin ended up dripping down the outside of my stomach, doing me absolutely no good.

In Isaiah 8, we hear about a church where the relationship to God was only skin deep.  The people were putting their faith in their kings, their wealth, and everything but God.  The Gospel wasn’t penetrating their lives.  They were going to church but it wasn’t having any effect.

God wants a relationship with us that is more than skin deep.  A relationship that effects how we live.  He’s looking to penetrate our hearts, minds, and to the very depths of our souls.  It is the intimate relationship he wants with you, not the superficial.

Strive to seek God today. Search for him in unexpected places.  Dive deep into your relationship!

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