What I Read Today;

Exodus 27-28; Psalm 31; Mark 3; 1 Corinthians 15

What happens to us when we die?

It’s a question that has haunted human beings since the dawn of creation.

Do I live this life and then vanish from existence?  If so, then I can do what I want.  I don’t have to worry about living for a higher purpose.  I can forget about those things that are eternal. I just need to worry about today and what I can get for myself.

However, almost every religion that exists today believes in some sort of resurrection.  The Hindu believes in Samsara, the continual process of death, and rebirth.

Muslim teaching varies when speaking of the afterlife.  Some believing you will be questioned by angels as to your worthiness of living in paradise, others having differing interpretations.

Scientologists, Mormons, Jehovahs Witness, and many other religions have there own beliefs surrounding life after death.

Every other religion in the world teaches that in some way, we must reach out to God, to be saved.  Our good works must outweigh our bad for us to enter into the presence of a Holy God or to enter the realm of paradise or Nirvana.

Biblical Christianity is the only religion that tells us what God did for us.  It is about God reaching out to humanity to save it.  Not the other way around.  What Paul is talking about in his great discourse in 1 Corinthians 15 is the simple fact that Jesus Christ died for our sins, rose again, and now offers each human being salvation free of charge.  All we must do is turn to him and accept his grace.  What Paul is saying to you and me is this, take Jesus free gift and unwrap it, it’s yours!  Turn to Jesus and thank him for what he has done.

Come as you are and allow the Holy Spirit to envelope your life.

One thought on “January 31, 2020

  1. That’s why it’s never been about religion for me, it’s about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Religion never got anyone into Heaven. Asking Jesus into your heart and believing he died for our sins is the only way. Great article and God bless.


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