What I Read Today;

Exodus 17-18; Psalm 26; Matthew 26; 1 Corinthians 10

How much do you love Jesus?

The woman in our story, later identified as Mary Magdalene, walks out into a room fool of men and begins pouring expensive oil over Jesus.  In Johns Gospel, she wiped his feet with her own hair.

Women were supposed to be in the background at the time Jesus lived.  What audacity the women showed.    How dare she, the men howled!

But she couldn’t stop herself.  Jesus was here, and she knew that she had to do something.  So she picked up the expensive oil, walked right into the middle of the room, and honored her Lord by wiping his feet with her hair and cleaning his body.  She ignored the crowd of complaining men.

She focused her efforts on honoring Jesus.

Where is your focus?  Do you focus on what you can get out of Church?  Are you one of those who worry and fret about the perfection of the worship service?  Do you lose your focus when someone is talking behind you or children are fussing around you?

Mary shows us what the pure heart of worship is.  She focused only on Jesus.  She didn’t let the naysayers discourage her.  Mary gave her heart to the only one who really mattered.

Critics will always be there.  Keep your focus on honoring Jesus!

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