What I Read Today;

Exodus 9-10; Psalm 22; Matthew 22; 1 Corinthians 6

Since the 1980s, it has become a tradition that the winner of major sports championships visits the White House.  For nearly 30 years, winners of the World Series, SuperBowl, NBA Championships, Stanley Cup, and NCAA champions would head to the White House for a time of celebration with the President.  For years it was considered a high honor.  Politics was left at the door.  It was a moment in time to celebrate great achievements.

Over the years, several athletes didn’t attend the visits for various reasons.  But usually, the majority of the team would attend.

However, as the 2000s have gone on, the number of athletes refusing to attend for political reasons has continued to grow until it reached a point where the Golden State Warriors Team declined to go.

In my lifetime, I have a horrible track record for picking a president.  If you want to know who’ll win, then choose the person I voted against.  You have a better chance of picking the winner that way.

But I have to admit that if I was invited to attend a meeting at the White House, I would likely go.     Each of the last four men who’ve been President have done things that bothered me a great deal. I have disagreed with some more than others.  But out of respect for the office and out of humility at the offer, I believe I would attend.  It’s an honor to be recognized by the President. And it doesn’t matter who the President is.

In Matthew 22, Jesus speaks of the parable of the Wedding Banquet.  A banquet that God himself has invited each one of us to attend.  He’s sent us a gold plated invitation.  He bought our clothing for the feast, paid for the food and drink, and paid our entry fee.  The only thing we have to do is show up.

Yet many won’t attend.

Some people won’t give up their lifestyles.  Others want to stay at home and watch TV.  Many are just indifferent.  Whatever the reason, they refuse to come and sit at the table of God and experience his blessings.

Jesus is showing us that evangelism won’t be easy.  He’s telling us that no matter how much we pray, no matter how hard we try, some people in our lives will turn away from God.  He’s warning us ahead of time that being a follower of Jesus means that sometimes we’re going to shed tears as we see people reject the love of a savior.

Jesus is telling us that it’s our job to tell the story of Jesus to as many people as we can.  It’s not our mission to convict.  That’s the job of the Holy Spirit.  We let the Spirit do its work and then let God do the job of judging.

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