What I Read Today;

Exodus 3-4; Psalm 19; Matthew 19; 1 Corinthians 3

Psalm 19 starts out by telling us about the omnipotence of God.  Our God has total control over the universe.  He controls even the rising and setting of the sun.  God controls the movement of the planet and the rising of the seas.  With a snap of God’s finger, he could stop the world and end it all if he so chose.

Yet God tenderly cares for his creation.  He provides food for the animals and rain for our crops.  God looks out at all of his nature and knows everything that is happening, both good and bad.

That is why David tells us that following God’s law is not a punishment.  In fact, obeying God is something we do out of love and gratitude for the work that God does on our behalf.

God knows our imperfections and our hidden fears and sins.  Yet God continues to bless all of us as we move forward each and every day.  God gives us grace and mercy and only asks that we work each day to live a holy life.  He even sends his spirit to give us strength and guidance each day.

That’s why David begs for God’s help.

What an awesome and mighty God we serve.  One who loves each one of us!  A God who showers us with grace and love in spite of who we are!  Shouldn’t it be easy to obey someone who loves us that much? Go

2 thoughts on “January 19, 2020

  1. My spirit is indeed willing, but I’m quite tired of this weak, selfish flesh. Reading Romans 7 and 8, I know I’m not alone.


  2. Reminder we need always to be reminded of God’s control of all things, and thus my little world is no trouble for Him to handle without me directing Him. Psalm 19 also speaks to me that David could have written Psalms 119.


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