What I Read Today;

Genesis 43-45; Psalm 15; Matthew 15; Romans 15

In Romans 15, Paul talks about the strong putting up with the failings of the week.  Let me give you an example of an experience I had with an individual who missed the mark that Paul was talking about.

Years ago, I was attending a small Saturday morning Men’s Bible Study.  When I say small, it was me, the Pastor, and the gentleman who had initially started the group, whom I’ll call, “the founder.”  We would continuously complain about the fact that we were the only ones attending.

After weeks of asking, I was finally able to get three other men to attend one Saturday morning.

Things were going great that morning.  We shared our thoughts on the scripture we were reading.  Our guests were laughing and enjoying themselves. There was the obligatory good-natured ribbing.

Everything was going great until “the founder” decided to pepper our new arrivals with questions.  The Founder decided to show off his bible knowledge and spiritual wisdom.  The Pastor attempted to real him back in and redirect the study back to where we started, but “The Founder” would have none of it.  He kept hammering away, verse after verse,  continuing to show off his vast knowledge.

Two of the three men would never come back.

I was fuming.

I confronted “The Founder” after the meeting.  I asked him what he thought he was doing.  “The Founder” then told me that he wanted to limit the group to only those men who were “spiritually mature.”  No amount of talking to this man would change his mind.

Needless to say, “The Founder” wound up being lonely when the rest of the group exited, and he was the only one left on Saturday morning.

You see, “The Founder” wanted to build an exclusive group.  A group that didn’t reach out.  A group that benefited only himself.

The truth of Romans 15 is that Paul is telling us to use our knowledge of the Word of God to build others up and to help others become stronger disciples of Jesus Christ.

One thought on “January 15, 2020

  1. There is no way we can grow spiritually if we are not prepared to be a blessing to others. Jesus is interested in us making disciples. Building up someone can enhance the gift and calling in that individual which can later become a blessing to us.


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