What I Read Today;

Genesis 40-42; Psalm 14; Matthew 14; Romans 14

In Matthew 14 vs. 22-33, we see the famous story of Jesus walking on water.  Now, most people like to focus on Peter. They like to focus on getting out of the boat and maintaining a strong faith through the storms.

However, I wonder if maybe there is another side to the story?

In the world we live in today, storms seem to be never-ending.  Let’s look at the past couple of weeks as an example.

  1. Britain is leaving the EU, causing much worry about trade and the European economy, which will no doubt have an impact on the United States Economy.
  2. China has cracked down on Hong Kong.  They have also begun, once again, to arrest religious minorities, including giving 9 years in prison to a Christian Pastor.
  3. Israeli elections had to be voided because no one could form a government.
  4. The House of Representatives voted to Impeach the President
  5. Iranian protestors, sponsored by Iranian groups, attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad.
  6. An American Contractor was killed, and a few US Servicemen injured in Iraq during the protests.
  7. Our government ordered a Drone Strike and killed an Iranian General and 5 others.
  8. The Iranians launched a missile strike on US Personnel in Iraq.
  9. The House and the Senate are fighting over impeachment articles.  No other work seems to be getting done.
  10. Democratic candidates seem to be imploding on the campaign trail.
  11. Locally, a series of bomb threats were made against several businesses in Marian, IL.

Yep, if you looked at everything going on, it would be easy to fall into despair.  Let’s not forget that the average person also has to worry about paying their bills, dealing with rising health care costs, paying taxes, and taking care of their families.

Every day brings non-stop stress and anxiety.  For many, it never seems to end.   The truth is that, like Peter, there are times in life when we all sink.  There are times in life when our faith takes a beating from the storms of life.  Moments when we wonder where God is.  Instances when all hope seems to be lost.

It’s in those exact moments when the Holy Spirit rushes into the rescue.  When we have no strength left and the waters are pouring over our head.  In those moments, when we have no strength left, Jesus reaches his hand out and grabs us.  He pulls us out of the storm and puts us back safely into the boat.

Our faith is going to waver.  That’s life.  But Jesus promises that in those moments when our faith waivers, he will grab our hand and pull us back to the safety of Jesus’ presence.

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