What I Read Today;

Genesis 37-39; Psalm 13; Matthew 13; Romans 13

Have you ever known someone angry with God because of some personnel trauma?  Have you tried to reason with that person?  Maybe you tried to comfort that person?  There is a scene in the movie Forest Gump, where Gary Sinise’s character, Lieutenant Dan, is sitting in the crows’ nest of Forest’s shrimping boat screaming at God during a hurricane.

People in pain often lash out at God.  They question him and demand an answer.  But all they get in response is silence.

Maybe that’s you?

Maybe you’re the one wondering why these things have happened to you.

Often, we are faced with situations that we do not understand.  Why God takes a person who is young or why he chooses to allow evil to happen.  We can’t figure out why we have wars.  It’s unimaginable why he would allow homelessness, abortion, rape, and murder to exist.  Like Job, we don’t understand why there are sickness, death, and disease.

We wonder why God allows such things.

David felt it as well.  You can hear the pain and anguish in the words of Psalm 13.  The agony he is feeling seems almost unbearable.

Yet, in the end, David grabs hold of the promises of God and won’t let go.

Our faith journey isn’t always going to be easy.  Many of us will face trials and tribulations.  We will struggle with the great “why’s” of life.  We will endure pain.  It’s all part of our human existence.  There may even be times when experiencing pain will be almost impossible.

It is in those moments that we hold onto God.  At those times, we hold onto Jesus and his promises.  We lay hold of his feet and don’t let go.  These are the moments when our faith is truly tested.

In these moments, we should listen to David’s Words in Psalm 13:5-6:

“But I trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me.” (NRSV)

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