What I Read Today;

Genesis 34-36; Psalm 12; Matthew 12; Romans 12

You don’t hear much about mercy these days.

We have lots of conversations about our rights and our freedoms.  We continuously talk about our desires.  We are quick to point out the sins of those we politically oppose.  We condemn those we disagree with.  We attack those who have a different point of view.  We love to see punishment and justice dispensed.

But mercy, not so much.

After World War I, the allied governments imposed harsh sanctions on Germany.  This led to Germany’s economic collapse during the great depression, which led to the rise of Adolph Hitler.

After World War II, the United States implemented the Marshall Plan, and rather than imposing harsh sanctions on Germany after the war, Germany was rebuilt.  Germany today is a peaceful nation.

Revenge and punishment brought the world to the most devastating war in human history.  Mercy and Grace brought one of the most prolonged periods of sustained peace in European history.

Mercy builds the bridge that separates two sides.  That very same Mercy revives the souls of the sinners and restores relationships.  It is Mercy that gives hope to the hopeless.

Mercy is what separates the Christian Religion from all others.  It is for Mercy’s sake that Jesus came to save us.  It was Mercy that revived our aching souls.  It is only Mercy that can end our political, religious, and personnel lives.

It is mercy that allows us to forgive the unforgivable and love the unloveable.

That is the mercy that Jesus speaks of in Matthew 12:7.


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