What I Read Today;

Genesis 28-30; Psalm 10; Matthew 10; Romans 10

Things haven’t gone the way that Jacob planned.  Oh, he has a wife now.  Two of them, to be exact.  He thought he’d be working for his uncle for 7 years, but that turned into 14 and now was heading toward going north of 20 years.

He was duped into marrying the daughter he didn’t want to marry, Leah.  Even after he does marry Rachel, she doesn’t seem to be able to have children, and Leah has had 6.  It gets so bad that the feuding daughters of Laban start passing their maids to Jacob, and now he has kids with them.  Even when Rachel finally has Joseph, the feuding doesn’t end.

Then there’s Laban.  Oh, this guy is a piece of work.

He is teaching Jacob what it really means to be a liar and a conniver.  Jacob thought he had that down when he cheated his own brother, but Laban is the true master.

Jacob’s now on the receiving end of the swindling, and he’s finding out it doesn’t feel all that great.

Yet amid all the struggles, God is blessing Jacob. God is giving Jacob flocks, children, and most of all, he’s giving him an education.   God is sending Jacob through the school of life.  A character-building school.

Jacob doesn’t know it, but everything he’s enduring will one day provide Jacob with a lifetime of wisdom and knowledge.  He’s learning to rely on God in all things.  This information will come in handy when Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy grain.  This training will be remembered when he relocates to Egypt.

In our own lives, we go through many times of struggle.  Many times enduring self-inflicted wounds of our own.  We struggle with everything from finances to family.  Through it, all God teaches us and molds us into the people he wants us to be.  It’s amazing what happens when we look back on our lives and see all the work that God has put into making us who we are.  Not only doesn’t he hold our mistakes against us, but he also uses them for our own good.

That’s why when we look back over our lives, if we are honest, we have to say, what a mighty, gracious, and wonderful God we serve!

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