What I Read Today;

Genesis 25-27; Psalm 9; Matthew 9; Romans 9

Many career fields are experiencing shortages of qualified people.  Education, Nursing, Doctors, and many blue-collar careers are suffering severe shortages that could impact the long term quality of services.  For whatever reason, young people are going in different directions when seeking a vocation.  Local, state, and federal governments are working to encourage people to go into these fields.  Some private industries in some areas are working on ways to train people and fill the shortages.  Sometimes we allow people from other countries to come into the United States to fill some of those areas of need.

The church is currently going through a crisis.  Not enough spirit-filled people are willing to become Pastors and Teachers.

Jesus spoke about this need in Matthew 9:37-38.

The problem of not having enough workers is not a new one.

Today we are witnessing the slow decline of church relevance in western civilization.  The Church is being crowded out by a society that emphasizes entertainment value over substance.

Some churches have moved away from Biblical teaching towards an anything-goes mentality.

Other churches seem hell-bent on maintaining a legalistic environment.

Jesus is calling for people who are willing to proclaim that he has come to offer grace, forgiveness, and lift to each person walking the earth.  Jesus has come to make a difference in the lives of individual sinners like you and me.  Jesus is looking for people to reach out to the growing group of people who have either left the church or didn’t grow up in the church.

Jesus is looking for people willing to take the plunge with a message that simply says, God loves you, repent and turn to him, and you will find him waiting with open arms.  Jesus wants to help you with all the darkness you feel, the pain you are going through, the hurt that you’ve lived with.  God wants to show you what love really looks like.  Not a love that is only found on the surface of our lives.  Instead, God wants to show you A love that is deep and wide.  God’s love is a love that can infect your innermost being.

The message of hope from Jesus is still relevant today.  Will you carry it forward?

One thought on “January 9, 2020

  1. This is true. My SIL left to attend a church with a rock band that is projected on a jumbo-tron. I’m not sure what their message is other than “give more money”.


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