What I Read This Morning;

Genesis 22-24; Psalm 8; Matthew 8; Romans 8

In Matthew 8, Matthew documents several Jesus miracles.  Jesus used miracles to show people that he was indeed God. It was a way to prove to the masses that God was among them and that God cared for them.  It was also a way to demonstrate God’s power.

Miracles show Jesus’ love and compassion for the sick and dying.

In verses 1-4, Jesus heals a leper.  Lepers were outcasts.  Leprosy was an infectious skin disease that forced them to live outside of the cities away from people. It was a lonely existence.  The church that was supposed to help them had primarily abandoned them.  Now alone, sick and separated from the Church, they lived a horrible life.  Yet Jesus didn’t shy away from them.  Jesus went right to them when they called out to him.  He showed love to those who hadn’t seen love.  He showed compassion to those who needed it most.

In verses 5-13, Jesus heals a centurion’s servant.  A gentile soldier’s daughter being healed by Jesus would have been seen by the Jewish people as blasphemous.  How could you save one of the hated Roman soldier’s sick child? Jesus showed the world that he made no distinction between Jew and Gentile.  He came to save all.  All who believe that Jesus is the son of God are welcome.

In verse 14-17, Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law.  Peter was a lowly fisherman.  A man of no distinction among the Jewish people.  His mother-in-law was sick.  A fever may seem like nothing today, but in Jesus’ time, it could be fatal.  The pain to Peter and his wife must have been painful.  Jesus shows Peter that his compassion is also for him and his family.  Then came those suffering from spiritual ailments.  Jesus cast out those spirits holding his people in bondage.  He proved that he alone had control of what Satan could do.

Jesus shows his power over the forces of Satan.  He gives an example of the real reason he came was to end Satan’s reign of terror.

In verses 14-17, as Jesus’ fame spreads, many desperate people came with friends and relatives suffering under Satan’s grip.  Jesus cast out those spirits holding his people in bondage.

In verse 28-34, Jesus heals the man possessed by a demon who was so powerful that no one had been able to help him.  With a single sentence, Jesus ends the dominion of the demons over this man’s life and changes him forever.

Jesus showed the crowds that he alone had control of what Satan could do.

Finally, Jesus comforted his disciples, showing them that he would protect them to the end of their lives and get them through the storms of this life.

In verse 23-27, Jesus famously calms a storm.  His disciples worked up into a panic over the waves and wind around them cry out to Jesus, and he calms the storm around them.  It’s a famous picture of our lives and the power Jesus has to help us through the trials and tribulations of the world we live in.

Jesus showed the world his real power and mercy.  He gave them a glimpse into the mind of God.  He showed them that God’s desire was to bring them grace and peace.

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