What I Read Today;

Genesis 19-21; Psalm 7; Matthew 7; Romans 7

There is an inner conflict that goes on inside of our bodies and minds.  We know what is pleasing to God.  We can read this throughout the scriptures.   We can study the 10 commandments and God’s law from Genesis to Deuteronomy.  We can read about it through the prophets.  We hear Jesus talk about what God expects throughout the Gospels.  We find the Apostles expounding on God’s will throughout the epistles.

So any Christian who’s spent anytime in church or reading scripture knows what God expects.

Even those who aren’t Christians have some degree of inner knowledge of what Right and Wrong really is.  They may not have the full picture, but they have an inner conscience that lets them know what God expects.  More importantly, we want to please Jesus out of thanks for what he has done for us.

Now for the catch.  While we know what God wants, we often fail to do what God wants.  If you are like me, you often find yourself in bed at night, wondering why you did that.  Why you lost your temper or why you didn’t speak out when you saw something that was wrong.  We knew what we should do, but we failed to do it.

In Romans 7, Paul describes the eternal struggle that goes on inside of our own bodies and minds.  An ongoing battle for the believer over sin.  It’s a battle that we will fight up until the moment we leave this world.

There will be regrets and disappointments as we fail to live up to God’s standards.  As we draw closer to God, we will have a desire to follow God’s laws and commands to please God.  But as we grow closer to God, we will come to understand how far we are from reaching his standards.  More and more, we will come to recognize our inability to live up to God’s expectations.

That’s when Grace kicks in.  That’s when we realize how much we needed a Savior from ourselves.  That is the time when we fall back into Jesus’ loving arms.


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